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The Benefits of Executive Coaching

by Neela Seenandan

Over the course of more than two decades, Neela Seenandan has built a successful career within the field of business consulting and professional development. Currently serving as a co-CEO and managing partner at Hanold Associates, Neela Seenandan has focused her work on providing senior level professional services such as executive coaching.
Used as a means of changing leadership style or introducing new strategies and practices, executive coaching can be highly beneficial for both an organization and an individual executive. Executives often have a difficult time seeing where they can improve due to their close proximity to the situation, and an executive coach can serve as a valuable resource for discussing improvement areas. Executives may learn about new ways of managing their time and resources and can receive an honest assessment of their leadership skills from their coach. Additionally, working with a coach provides executives with someone on the outside who can offer new perspectives about any ideas or problems they have.
Entire companies also benefit from executive coaching because the process helps executives learn about increasing employees’ awareness of their own performance. As executives share this knowledge with other employees, employees may begin increasing their productivity as they become more aware of areas in which they are struggling. Employees then gain more self-confidence as they see they can meet expectations. Further, staff retention commonly improves following executive coaching, which in turn creates a more responsible and knowledgeable workforce.                            
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